Patriot's Party of Alaska

Platform of the Patriot's Party of Alaska


It is our goal to place solution oriented leadership into public offices around the State of Alaska, at all levels of government. The Patriot’s Party of Alaska is neither left, nor right. We are a centrist party dedicated to solving problems intelligently, directly and constitutionally. We are moderate, inclusive and derive our strength from family, friends, and most importantly, Alaskans.

It is our view that the current state of our political system has drifted away from the ideals upon which this nation was founded. "… promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity …" is a statement from the Constitution of the United States of America and serves to remind us and our leadership why this great nation was formed. We have a responsibility to ensure all our inalienable liberties are maintained and protected for future generations at the national, state and local levels.

As leaders, our elected officials must own the problems of the office they gain from the moment they are elected. We expect, and demand, solutions and not excuses from our leadership. They are to be held accountable for the problems they willingly inherit, or create, until the issue is resolved in accordance with, or under, the parameters set forth in the Alaska State Constitution and the Constitution of the United States of America.

This platform is a living document and will be reviewed in accordance with the Patriot’s Party of Alaska (PPAk) Constitution and Bylaws in order to meet the ever changing political landscape of today’s world.

I. Constitution

The Constitution of the United States of America is the law of the land. It is not subject to interpretation or indifference by our elected officials for their own purposes. It provides the basis and supreme authority from which all governance is derived. It is only to be changed by the will of the people by using the ratification process and not by Executive Order or by a particular political party. The Bill of Rights shall not be infringed upon and shall be defended at all costs. Under no circumstances shall the Patriot’s Party of Alaska support laws that infringe upon the provisions of the Constitution of the United States of America or infringe upon our fellow American’s inalienable rights.

II. Separation of Church and State

The Patriot’s Party of Alaska recognizes there is no direct statement or provision within the Constitution. We are fully aware that the statement was only brought forth in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, in which he made reference to a "wall of separation between church and state". We stand with the Constitution and support the freedom of and from religion.

We adhere to the proposition that there shall be no state established church nor single or group of peaceful religion(s) shall be placed above another. To ensure this, we, as Americans, must strive to keep religious mandates out of government. As such, we will judge our leadership and the content of their character by their actions and not by their religious affiliation.

III. Job Creation

Alaska is in major economic crisis and jobs are key to our recovery. For far too long, Alaska has depended upon the oil industry. As a state, we must become independent from the constraints of the oil industry as our primary source of economic strength. We must seek to remove the government’s hold and stringent industrial regulations that hamper Alaskans from developing resources, such as: coal, timber, gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, jade and seafood as long as these resources are procured in a manner that is environmentally responsible and friendly. We believe that the development of these industries are paramount to the repair of, and future stability of, the Alaskan Economy.

IV. Education

The Patriot’s Party of Alaska understands that education of our youth is critical to our future as a nation. Federal mandates are a violation of the tenth amendment. The elected officials in the local municipalities and boroughs are the closest to the people and thus should be guiding the direction of education. Federal mandates that involve high stakes testing, teacher evaluations and Common Core State Standards must be done away with.

Any decisions made with regards to education reform must be made with input from teachers both across the nation and locally. No one knows what needs to be done better than those in the classroom every day. We stand with the Veterans Party of America in favoring abolishment of the federal Department of Education and returning education matters back to the individual states.

V. Balanced Budget

The spending by the government at all levels has gotten out of control. The Patriot’s Party of Alaska believes it is in the best interest of our communities and state to reduce state debt by reducing the size of government through major spending cuts and elimination of unconstitutional departments and will seek a Constitutional Amendment to ensure that the State of Alaska remains on a balanced budget.

VI. Welfare Reform

A comprehensive overhaul of the welfare and social systems must be made to ensure that those that truly need the help can receive it, while eliminating the abuses that exist. A welfare program to help Alaskans get back on their feet, learn a trade or return to school will better our state. By reducing costs and getting people back to work and helping those that need help will aid in making our state and nation strong again.

VII. Election Reform

State election laws should be equitable and ensure voter fraud does not occur. We support passing measures to provide armed guards for ballots, voter ID requirements and the ability to delay official voting results until determination is made that the military absentee ballots have been accounted for or will not affect the outcome of the election. Further, we support laws that list committing voter fraud by public officials as a felony.

The Patriot’s Party of Alaska believes that the Constitutional access to the ballot box has been hijacked. We support the amendment of all state election codes to return the ballot to the people by enforcement of the Constitutional right to associate or not to associate with any political party.

Corporations and unions are not individuals and therefore should not be allowed to contribute to political campaigns. Individuals should be the only contributors to the political process. Contributions will be limited to donating only to candidates for which the individual is able to vote. This will require a Constitutional Amendment.

VIII. Term Limits

As Alaskans elect their Representatives and Senators, they should be allowed to set term limits on those elected officials. These laws are, for the most part, fair and necessary and we do not contest them. This will require a Constitutional amendment

IX. Resources Sustainability

As a matter of basic survival, the Patriot’s Party of Alaska believes sufficient efforts must be made in adopting, implementing and managing sustainable and reasonable Resource Management Programs. These Resource Management Programs include, but are not limited to: water, soil, timber, fauna, agriculture, fossil fuels, renewable energy sources and waste management. Resource Management is a state jurisdiction issue; the federal government must be involved in establishing reasonable minimum guidelines.

The Patriot’s Party of Alaska believes reducing our carbon footprint is a noble effort. It is a fact that global temperatures have risen over the last century with the last ten to fifteen years remaining level, and as such, we will not buckle to reactionary legislation introduced by those supporting the alarmist view of “Global Warming and Climate Change”, nor will we passively sit on the sideline as resources are consumed and damaged with reckless abandon by aggressive industries. It is also a fact that mankind has survived two previous eras with much higher temperatures.

Our stance is to be prudent when seeking answers to reducing our carbon footprint and conserving what we have today for future generations. We support reasonable legislation to do so without overburdening our industrial production and growth. We want clean air, water and healthy habitats for our wildlife along with jobs and economic development. It is our belief that we can achieve all by working together in a prudent and reasonable manner

X. Veterans Party of America

The Patriot’s Party of Alaska is the official affiliate party of the Veterans Party of America. We fully support the Veterans Party of America’s platform in its entirety. As the official Alaska affiliate party, we will not deviate from our support of their platform.


This document was approved by the Executive Committee of the Patriot's Party of Alaska by vote on the 21st day of December, 2016.